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'The Lost Update' is an engaging and thought-provoking two days of presentations and discussions, designed to bring you up to date with topics that drug reps, consultants or other update courses are unlikely to cover.  The online version features several breakout discussions, and plenty of time to move, incluing a long break at lunchtime.

This two-minute video from 2018, before the first course ran, explores the concept ...

Who is this for?

Devised primarily for GPs (at all stages of experience) it will also suit many nurse practitioners, particularly those dealing with chronic disease, senior community nurses, physiotherapists and primary care team leaders.

Amongst the many things you may learn are:

  • Ways of cutting through the complexity of modern health care to focus on the things that will make the biggest difference across the board, genuinely empowering paients and avoiding medicalizing their difficulties. 
  • Simple rules and learnable techniques on how to use language to best effect, including how to convey information without raising patient’s resistance, and generate helpful responses to challenging situations.  
  • How to spot and understand trauma, one of the most common drivers of ill-health – particularly in functional disorders. 
  • How to understand “exercise” from a whole new perspective, clarifying quite how helpful it can be, and why people find it hard to engage in “exercise”. 
  • How thinking, feeling, emotion and physiology are linked,  understand the three main physiological emotional responses and their relevance to what we do all day, every day. 
  • How an unusual feature of our biology means that emotional arousal can always be managed and how to teach people to calm down, within normal consultations.  
  • Why CBT works, despite being based on an out-of-date theory of brain function,  why sometimes patients find it hard work, and where Mindfulness fits in. 
  • An update on the suprising science of placebos
  • The fundamentals of sleep as a resource, the drivers of sleep,  and the conditions needed to help us get what we need from a night's rest. 
  • Why it is so hard to think rationally about diet and health, along with what we might conclude if we were to achieve rational thought on food:
  • The dietary patterns proven, or highly likely, to either prevent or reverse the majority of chronic diseases.
  • How to spot the basic parameters that can distinguish helpful from unhelpful nutrition research, and how to spot nonsensical dietary concepts. 
  • The basic principles to demystify the whole “microbiome thing” and what this may mean for our practice in the future
  • A guide to the trendy but potentially mystifying topic of 'chronic inflammation'. 
  • A whole new way of seeing obesity and diabetes, and chronic disease management generally. 
  • New insights into depression, and new (and more satisfying) ways to respond to and help depressed patients, including an understanding of the role of inflammation in depression.  And why this needn’t be about prescribing drugs.
  • And more … !

...You will need to bring only an open mind and relaxed attitude.

What others say...

“Fascinating and unlike any other course”

“Really good to be away from the practice for two days to be able to focus on this vitally important stuff that is so often missed out. Thank you for running this course – it has felt like a breath of fresh air!”

“so many things learned or consolidated!”

“I have already [24 hours later] started to use some of the information gleaned from the course…”

How much does it cost?

The two day online course costs £180
In addition to two days (12 hours) of enjoyable learning you will receive 

  • A PDF of the slides and further reading and key references list, and access to the full list of reference


Places are limited to 24 per online course. 

Any questions?  You can email:

Find out a little more about 'The Lost Update' 

In this 16-minute video Dr Andrew Morrice and Dr Gareth Bryant, Deputy CEO of Wessex LMC, talk a little more about the thinking behind the  'Lost' Update and why this course is much needed in Primary Care. 


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