Therapy in a time of Coronavirus

Mental and emotional health are important, and along with many other forms of health-care, support and help continue to be needed during the coming year.  I will still be providing a service during this outbreak, just as I will continue to work in General Practice.  However there will be significant differences in how this can be done. 

Unless there is a clear need for us to meet face to face to carry out a particular technique I will be providing all therapy via video conferencing online.  (Some elements of trauma and phobia work, along with specific elements of help with addiction, and also some work with difficult emotional patterns are best done face to face.)

Your online therapy will be provide over a web interface called Zoom.  The advantage of Zoom is that it is possible to join the meeting simply by clicking on a link in the email I'll send you before the meeting.  You will be given instructions on how to do this, and extra time will be allowed to sort out any teething difficulties.  One advantage of the Zoom interface is that you won't need to travel and the sessions are slightly cheaper at £65/hour. 

If we need to meet face to face, the layout of Chilcompton Surgery will allow you to access the therapy room without going through the main reception and waiting room as there is a side door we can use.  On arriving, rather than coming straight into the building, simply phone me  so that I can come out to bring you in.  Therapy can be done whilst maintaining the appropriate 2m distancing. 

It goes without saying that I will not be able to see you if and when I need to self-isolate, and you will also need to follow the official guidance on self-isolation carefully. 

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