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Sleep Well

Sleep is one of most vital resources, the better we sleep the better our physical, emotional and mental health. This 3 page document provides information to see how well you are sleeping and some tried and tested tips for improving your sleep.

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Breathe Easy

We are all born with an inner resource that switches us out of stress responses (the fight and flight mode) and into a more relaxed state. Learning how to tap into this can make a huge difference, and there are many ways people have used down the years. Almost all of them use the breath in some way. This guide gives you the key information on how to do this, along with a couple of techniques for making sure you practice long enough to really get your relaxation system really working for you.

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Needs and Resources Audit

This is a checklist to look broadly at how well you are meeting your needs (such as emotional needs, or food) and accessing your resources (such as sleep). It is important to realise that all we are looking for is a “good enough” life, in which we are meeting our needs in a balance that keeps us feeling well.  Remember that the areas you score well on are as important as the ones that may need some attention.

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Eat More … Good Foods

This presentation slide sums up pretty much everything we know about which foods to eat as much as possible and which food to eat less of, for both physical and mental health. One for the fridge door?

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The Great Canadian Plate

The new Canadian Food Guide is a landmark event – a national food guide free of industry influence. The “healthy food plate” gives an idea of the balance they recommend for general health, and here you will find it labelled with the different foods in the photo. Perhaps another, or an alternative, for the fridge door?

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